Strategy Formulation

We demystify communication strategy.

We work with our clients to find out their objectives, strengths and weaknesses, current positioning and place in their industries and the industry dynamics they can use to their advantage.

We work on do-able objectives and timeframes to well-defined budgets.

We review pertinent media and derive A, B and C media lists where play will be pertinent.

Communication activities are then crafted in line with this strategy. We do and review. If something’s not working, we fix it.

Tale Spin can help you win through and achieve your communication objectives, but first you have to communicate with us.

Defining your PR Objectives:

  • What do you want to achieve through PR media exposure? Do you just want some broad recognition as a successful entrepreneur who has grown an idea into a business within the specific industry? Most clients are looking for name recognition and positive awareness with the potential for business spin-off? What is your core objective?
  • What do you perceive as your ideal media to gain exposure in (i.e the publications that will deliver the biggest pay-off when it comes to your target market and potential advertisers). For example, how much do you have to gain from exposure in entrepreneurial slots in newspapers and business magazines? This gives you great national exposure in credible publications and helps with profile building but does it bring in business?
  • What do you want to achieve, what media do you want to target primarily and what is of most interest to the typical reader at this end of the media marketplace.